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When the Bavarian motor-car manufacturer of BMW presented this car in 2011, the delight and manufacture expectation were uncontrollable. However if you did not get to number 2700 of lucky beggars all it was vain.

The representative of the company declared that the motor-car manufacturer stops booking for the sporty coupe. Afterwards it will be followed by the termination of its manufacture by summer of 2012. Meanwhile at Germans remains to a few time for the termination of manufacture of the remained cars. Meanwhile concerning new cars there is no official information, however there is a hope that BMW creates model M2 for the future 2nd series which will be offered instead of 1st. But before it occurs, the automobile public has time to get acquainted with BMW 135i. And as a reminder: BMW coupe 1-Series M is equipped aluminum turbo charged six-cylinder engine in volume of three liters and capacity of 335 H.P. To reach first 100 km/h the car is capable in 4.7 seconds. The maximum speed – 250 km/h.

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BMW X1At last and the small version of an off-road car of a X-series reached the American market. Also it is a high time, considering that in the European market this model exists about three years. The car debut has been planned for the New York exhibition. The price for a new off-road car start from $31,500. The car will be offered in various complete sets: X1 sDrive28i, X1 xDrive28i and X1 xDrive35i. First two models will be equipped 4 cylinder with the engine in volume of 240 H.P. while top version receives six-cylinder engine capacity of 300 H.P.

To both engines pair will be made by an automatic transmission and new technology Efficient Dynamics. In comparison with the previous model, the new car received also a number of small improvements of appearance, the interior brags of new color scales and furnish.

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The German motor-car manufacturer of BMW officially presented the third generation of model M6 as in a body a cabriolet, and a coupe. For the first time name M6 has been used in 1987 and since then the model in every possible way changed to become a powerful, dynamical and magnificent sports car.

Despite the initial hearings, new coupe M6 refused use of the ten-cylinder engine in favor of eight-cylinder 4.4-litre with technology TwinPower Turbo. Being modest on capacity, the engine brags of 560 horse powers of capacity (a gain in 5 h.p. in comparison with the previous model). The pair to the engine is made by new seven-step transmission of double clutch.


Coupe M6 is easy for defining, how elegant representative of 6th series, however company M-battalion leaves the mark, doing the car more sports and aggressive. Such impression develops for the account of wider air vents, strict circuits of headlights, and also a new radiator enclosure on which settles down M.

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Practically a month before an official debut at auto show in Geneva, BMW company represents the first details concerning new generation M6. The cabriolet becomes the first model that appears in the market in June, 2012.

Cabriolet M6 will be distinguished by more dynamical and aggressive appearance and all thanks to elements of a M-battalion of the company: to a new radiator enclosure, the big air vents, a low bumper and the complete set of wheels. The car interior brags of specially created sports seats, furnish by a skin, and also accents from carbon. The collapsible roof demands 19 seconds to develop and 24 – to prepare again.

bmw m6 convertible

As to capacity the car will be equipped eight-cylinder 4.4-liter turbo engine for the first time used at creation M5. Engine power makes 560 horse powers. All it allows it to be dispersed to “hundred” for 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed will be limited 250 km/h.